Janelle Monae new video "Primetime"

New Video: Janelle Monae Feat. Miguel, “Primetime”

Janelle Monae new video "Primetime"

Happy Monday (sarcasm) family!!! The Devil has been busy for the last few weeks, and I haven’t been able to spill the tea like I prefer. But I’m back like cooked crack, and hopefully there will be no more extended absences. 

If you haven’t picked up/ downloaded Janelle Monae’s latest musical endeavor, The Electric Lady, you are missing out on something epic!!! Monae has released the video to accompany my personal favorite track, “Primetime” featuring crooner extraordinaire, Miguel.

The Alan Ferguson video is set in futuristic Metropolis and opens at the Electric Sheep Nightclub where Cindi Mayweather (Monae) moonlights as a waitress. In walks Joey Vice (Miguel). Eyes meet, fights ensue, love is met, but you’ll have to watch to catch the rest.

Janelle is simply perfection. I definitely slept on her previous albums, but this right here? Amazing.

Hopefully, if you’ve been keeping up with Monae’s series of videos from late, you recognize her character. Please go listen to the album!!!!

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock

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