Alyssa Manners Fall Winter Reading List

Peacock Finds: Fall And Winter 2013 Book Reads- Biographies

Alyssa Manners Fall Winter Reading List

I’m sure by now you’ve read or at least glimpsed at my About Me section, so you have an idea of who I am and my background. I have a joint degree in English and Journalism, so clearly my love for writing knows no limits. But I am also very passionate about reading. Sometimes (often times), television shows are simply not enough. Not enough substance, not enough depth, not enriching whatsoever. And where reruns of Sex And The City or Mad Men fail me (it’s rare), a book will forever find success. Now that the temperature is dropping, and I find myself more and more tucked away behind my apartment doors, I plan to partake in my favorite past time.

For some reason or another, I have frequently found refuge in the pages of bio and autobiographies detailing the lives of powerful or influential people. I am fascinated by the human spirit and what drives us to be better, what drives us to be our best. I am so encouraged by reading about people I admire and how they overcame their personal adversities. It reminds me that whatever tests I am going through, they are merely temporary. Plus, I love fashion so it makes sense to know the method behind the madness, right? So check out a few of my must have reads for this Fall/Winter below. Contemplating doing reviews for each once I’m done reading them. We’ll see:

The Master Of Us All: Balenciaga, His Workrooms, His World

Damn if I haven’t been trying to get my hands on this book all year. But alas, some free time has come upon me, and I will hide away within its detailing until further notice.

Considered “the only designer who dares do what he likes” by Schiaparelli, Balenciaga’s designs made every admirer sit up and pay attention. From the pillbox hat to the bracelet sleeve, his vision will forever be woven in the fabric of fashion history.

But that’s where his story begins and ends, as far as the public zeitgeist is concerned. No romantic connections, no shady rumors, nothing worthy of TMZ. Cristóbal was all about privacy, to the point that many considered his existence merely mythical. Never heard about him, never saw him.

Author Mary Blume tackles the story of the man behind the name in her publication as she chronicles the story of the famed designer through the memoris of his right hand [wo]man, Florette Chelot.

He was without a doubt, brilliant. But he was also very humble and incredibly shy. He would never greet or engage in interaction with his customers. Instead, Florette would take the lead as Balenciaga watched through a peephole.

That shyness I understand all too well. Though I would not consider myself a shy person, I definitely frequently found myself in the midst of shyness. Something comes over me and I lose my nerve. And it happens quite often. Unsure from where that stems. All this brazen personality and I have the audacity, but I digress… Cannot wait to read.

Diane Von Furstenberg and the Tale of The Empress’s New Clothes

Who doesn’t love DVF and her iconic wrap dresses? As is the premise of the memoir reliving Diane’s “rags to royalty to riches” story cleverly “wrapped” up and reworked into the classic cautionary tale from which its name is derived.  Camilla Morton is so damn clever in the way she mixes reality into fantasy storytelling, all heavily based by facts. I will also be checking out her other installments into her “Fashion Fairytale” series, Manolo Blahnik’s the Elves and the Shoemaker, and Christian Lacroix and the Tale of Sleeping Beauty.

Just Me: Roberto Cavalli

Roberto. Oh dear sweet Roberto. Do you understand what your prints do to me? I confess, aside from his designs, I know very little about him. But I presume, upon reading his autobiography which took four years to complete, I may have a great love and appreciation.

He tells WWD,

“This is not a book about fashion, it is about a boy from a modest family who achieved success thanks to his strong willpower…. I wrote this book very slowly. I wrote it for me and also to leave something to my children, to inspire them.”

Adversity much? Cavalli’s father was executed by German soldiers in 1944 when Roberto was only three years old.

“I really want to dedicate this book to young people… I thought that young people need to understand how important it is to rely on themselves and their qualities.”

I may need to jump right into this one first.

What is on your reading to-do list? Share yours in the comment section below!!!

More to come.

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock

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