#FactsOnly: Method Behind The Madness At Peacock Under Pressure


I know from time to time (to time) it appears I’ve gone MIA with nothing more than Morning Motivation and Word Of The Day posts. Fact is, there aren’t enough hours in the day to create all of the things I want, not enough hands to help and not enough positive, entertainment stories to develop in the interim.

What I hope you all learn about me: I am a person of substance and quality over shallow quantity. I don’t intend to bs anyone on here, #notaboutthatlife. There is a bigger message that I intend to convey that sometimes gets lost in the sauce by, I don’t know, current events, relationships, music, work, etc…I frequently get sidetracked. It happens and I am not ashamed to admit it. Sometimes I get so caught up that I my mind gets cloudy.

And then I remember I am great, and so are you. The foggy feeling is ever so temporary and fleeting. But as quick as it can leave, it can swiftly return. I have to work to be my best self. To constantly attempt to reach my potential. We all need to see the best in ourselves and live it every single day. It’s hard work, living up to one’s own level of excellence. You aren’t allowed to slack. You don’t get to quit.

But I imagine, when you do commit, and I mean fully commit to being your best self, my God the possibilities are endless (I presume). I haven’t gotten there quite yet. I get lazy, sometimes I accept good enough as enough for me when the reality is I can always do and be better.

Which leads to my point. Of everything going on in my life, one thing I refuse to do is perpetrate a fraud on Peacock Under Pressure. I will not. If all I have to offer that day is a kind word and the enriching of one’s vocab, so be it. I’d rather you take away something beautiful than something worthless.

So for now, Be Extraordinary.

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