Lady Gaga featuring R. Kelly "Do What You Want"

New Music: Lady Gaga Feat. R. Kelly, “Do What You Want”

Lady Gaga featuring R. Kelly "Do What You Want"

Continuing in the vein of social commentary we’ve grown to expect from Lady Gaga, here is her latest promotional single “Do What You Want” from her forthcoming album, ArtPop.

Featuring the Pied Piper himself, R. Kelly adds his signature ’90s vibe to the pop song as Gaga waxes on about allowing the world she loves to “do what they want” with her physical, but refuses to submit her mind and heart.

To accompany the release, she released a series tweets regarding rumors of drug use, Katy Perry drama, weight issues and more with commentary featuring coinciding lyrics:

Regarding her single, “Applause not becoming a #1 hit:

“People focus less on the music and focus more on how the music’s doing; how it’s faring from a numbers perspective, from a financial perspective. If you think I give a damn about money then you don’t know me as an artist at all,” she told the Guardian. “I think that once you’ve had a few No 1s in your career that you’ve kind of proven yourself and I don’t feel the need to prove anything anymore.”

Gaga says she stripped away all of the show pony aspects of her persona, and got down to the pure musical talent of herself:

“For Artpop, I, in the most metaphorical explanation, stood in front of a mirror and I took off the wig and I took off the makeup and I unzipped the outfit and I put a black cap on my head and I covered my body in a black catsuit and I looked in the mirror and I said: ‘OK, now you need to show them you can be brilliant without that.’ And that’s what Artop is all about. Because I knew that if I wanted to grow, if I really wanted to innovate from the inside, I had to do something that was almost impossible for me.”

I don’t have an opinion quite yet, though I love how she’s willing to go back to the essence of music being more important than the aesthetic it’s wrapped in. Bravo for that. Check the song for yourself below. Thoughts?

ArtPop, in stores November 11.

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock

Quotes Courtesy of The Guardian 

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