Tamar Braxton new videos "All The Way Home" and "She Can Have You"

New Video: Tamar Braxton “All The Way Home” And “She Can Have You”

Tamar Braxton new videos "All The Way Home" and "She Can Have You"

After some backlash from her visuals for fan favorite song, “Hot Sugar“, Tamar Braxton returns with not ONE but TWO new videos for her in-rotation singles “All The Way Home” and “She Can Have You” from her albums Love And War and Winter Loversland, respectively.“All The Way Home” is a matter of perspective as Tamar feels neglected and unwanted by her partner, played by real life husband Vince Herbert. Arguments ensue from lack of intimacy, concern and want. Tamar is truly stunning in opulent looks including those Dolce and Gabbana glasses I have been lowkey lusting over.

For her second video, Tamar is not having it as she throws in the towel of her relationship for “She Can Have You.” Discovering her man has been living a double life and not giving all of his love solely to her right before Christmas, Tamar is left heartbroken and angered that she may be alone for the holidays. But honey, it’s better to be alone by yourself than lonely in a relationship. I love that her friend came over to snap her back to reality. That’s what good friends do!

My favorite lines:

“We broke up two weeks ago/’Cause you wanna find yourself/But you’re here with her.” 

“I don’t care if it’s Christmas
Halloween, New Year’s Eve
Easter, Palm Sunday,
President’s Day, any old holiday
I don’t care if I’m here alone
She can have you”

Child. LOL

Watch “She Can Have You” now.

Both albums are currently available in stores and on iTunes. 

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock

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