Peacock On The Go: It’s My Birthday!!! (Or At Least It Was)


I have been holding out on writing my birthday (turn up!) post because I wanted to shoot better ‘fit photos, but since this snow is showing no signs of letting up, my choice photoshoot locale is not really an option at this point. I think I’m going to still do a blow by blow shoot even if I have to wait until it’s May (seems like the next time we’ll be without snow is Spring!!! Grrrr)

Anyway, it’s my birthday month, and I have been celebrating all month long starting with my annual dinner with friends. This year I opted for sushi, live music and ambiance, so I decided to hold my din din festivities at Manu’s Sushi Lounge located in the heart of the Ironbound district of Newark. The food was tight, but the drinks were even tighter (and stronger).

This year, I find myself more interested in the delicacy of simplicity so I opted for a simple black camisole dress courtesy of Asos, my favorite black single soled ankle strap heels I got for a steal in the Prabal Gurung for Target collection last year, barely there angel pendant necklace one of my closest gave me for Christmas (and I basically wear everyday), studs (I bought myself for my 25th; can you believe it’s already been a year?) and this amazing light-camel colored wool trench I inherited from my mother that also happens to be on-trend.


Sidenote: I love the “whites of my eyes” effect happening in some of these photos. Makes me look ghostly ethereal. Moving on…

Did we notice the hair? I’ve been stunting in hair extensions for about a month after not having a weave for an upward of eight years!!! Sheesh!!!

I am so proud of the growth and maturity I’ve cultivated over the last year. I’ve seen an increase in my confidence (didn’t know I could be anymore confident than I already was, but I was wrong), and I love the direction in which my life is going. I’ve even managed to lose a little weight!!!!


Drinks were a-flowing, music was a-going and I was a-having a ball. Did I mention the live music? This beautiful young woman was singing reworked renditions of music icons like Mariah, Beyonce, Rihanna, Whitney and loads more accompanied by an amazing guitarist!!! What a perfect birthday treat!!! Check out some photos of my friends and I running amuck in the name of my birthday. Catch my face post-first-shot-of-tequila. By shot two, I was feeling like a champ!!! More month long birthday festivities coming soon!!!

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock

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