Are You Over It? Nene Leakes Latest Star To Launch Collection


In what seems to be the song and dance of celebritydom, Nene Leakes is the latest star to dip her well manicured “very rich” toe in the fashion pool.

The reality star turned actress will be premiering her first style inclinations with a 19-piece collection on HSN this July. The inspiration? The series of separates and dresses, priced between $39.90 and $139.90, are designed to make its wearers feel “rich and fabulous.”

“My vision was to create a line of clothing that would appeal to the everywoman, designed to make her feel rich and fabulous, no matter how much it costs. The pieces can take you from day to night, from the grocery store to drinks with your girlfriends,”

Leakes tells WWD.

I really like the textured faux leather blazer, and am interested in seeing more looks.


But let’s have the talk, shall we? Are you tired of these celebrity collections? From Rihanna to The Kardash Klan to now Nene, are you over it? The fashion world is becoming more and more disposable by the second, always looking for the next name to elevate it, even for a millisecond.

And so we’re clear, I don’t blame the celebrities. They are just like each of us. Dreamers, hustlers, trying to create the things they always imagined. How could I be mad at that? But a lot of these collections are so uninspiring. Duplicates of what we’ve seen them wear from their have fashion houses. Where’s the intrigue in that? Where’s the passion? The uniqueness and nerve?

Is it me? Speak your thoughts!

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock

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