The Plug: Get Into “The Doux”





 a term used to describe someone who is a resource for obtaining something valuable that would otherwise be difficult to obtain.

I introduce to you “The Plug”,  your insider (& coin spender) for Black-Owned Beauty Products. I genuinely love to support Black-Owned Businesses (B.O.B.s) because let’s be real, unless these brands are supported by industry darlings, they don’t receive their due especially compared to their counterparts.

One of my personal aspirations is the majority of the products I use daily be formulated by B.O.B.s. It’s no knock whatsoever to mainstream or high-end brands, but considering the vast imbalance of financial backing when the products are AH-MAZING, I have to put my coins where my mouth is.

I will be giving feedback on products ranging from skincare to hair as regularly as possible (Mama has a budget).

Enough intro, yes? Good.

My hair and I have a curious relationship. My 3C hair enjoys doing everything except what I want it to do. And since adding straightening to the mix a few years ago, let’s say le struggle is real. Parts of my hair want to live their best curly life while others want to fight the powers that be and stay straight *in my Cardi B voice* foreva. Conversely, when I wear it straight, at the mildest sight of precipitation, *poof* hair is back to curly like it never left.

Who hurt you, hair? Who hurt you?

Coupled with the aforementioned goal, you can understand my plight.

Challenge? Accepted.

Fast forward, my social media addiction obsession interests finally did something right as my explore page introduced me to the brightly colored, peacocking packaging of The Doux. It was love at first sight.

Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 11.03.38 PM.png

The tea:

Created by celebrity hairstylist Maya Smith, The Doux (pronounced like the do in “Do you boo”) is a haircare brand and salon focused on #hairgoals “results made simple for Smart Chicks [and Gentlemen folk] with Real Hair.” The neon color motif and product names pay homage to ’90s hip-hop & culture (Bonita Afro Balm?! Mousse Def?! Sis, you had me at Sucka Free).

Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 11.11.27 PM.png

The tease:

Okay, okay, marketing aside, I am always a bit skeptical when trying new products so I did my research. After successfully watching 50-11 Youtube videos and Googling the ingredients to hell and back, I was ready to purchase.

Full Disclosure: I’m a “buy the whole system” sort of person.* I don’t play those mixing and matching games ESPECIALLY with my hair. My shampoo and conditioner are always high school sweethearts whom married young and have been together for 50+ years. Ain’t no breaking up.

The line currently offers five products and yup I bought them all. Judge your hairline-less daddy before judging me.

The Sucka Free Moisturizing Shampoo is designed to make your hair LITERALLY squeaky clean and boy, it does not disappoint. While yes we’ve been told “squeaky clean” isn’t necessarily a good thing, my hair doesn’t feel stripped like the result of other cleansing products nor does it feel like I’ve been Emperor’s New Clothes. I followed the wash & repeat up with The Fresh Rinse Moisturizing Conditioner and all I can say is my hair is eternally grateful. Both products are paraben-free & infused with shea butter and sea silk.

Okay, so what’s next? Well, depends on what you’re going for.


Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 11.44.45 PM

I use each styling products for different purposes.

For days my hair and I are not with the sh*ts, a dollop of the Bonita Afro Balm Texture Balm is all I need. Its sweet smell is like a reward for a wash and go well done. I swear the heavens open to shine its divine light on me as I hear harps playing and Jesus, in His dreadlocked glory, nods with approval. *sigh* In general, I find that my curls are better defined when I let them air dry, but I hattttteeee being out and about with my hair dripping. Soul Glo much?

Image result for soul glo gif

I tame the dampness with a diffuser then I’m out the do’.

When I have time and want curl definition and hold, I switch out the Balm for Mousse Def. I don’t what kind of crack Maya infuses in her products, that God bless her heart.

And for those rare exceptions I want to place my natural up on the shelf and don a sleek & straight look, I use The Light as one of my heat protectants. The next level shine adds the tax.


The tax:

Sista girls how y’all feel? You know like I know that haircare products, especially natural haircare products are farrrrr from cheap.

Issa investment.

The Doux price isn’t astronomically different from its same tier market competitors. What’s best about these products is how long a little goes. You don’t need much to get that hair poppin’. Prices start at $12.99 and can be found at Target.

The takeaway:

I believe, I believe, I believe!!! I love how soft my hair is, the scents are A-1, and honestly, my pockets don’t feel offended when I swipe.

GPA: 4.0

Have you tried The Doux? Yass girl or nah?

I’ll call you back later.

Be Extraordinary.

– Alyssa

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