Peacock Finds: Fall And Winter 2013 Book Reads- Biographies

Alyssa Manners Fall Winter Reading List

I’m sure by now you’ve read or at least glimpsed at my About Me section, so you have an idea of who I am and my background. I have a joint degree in English and Journalism, so clearly my love for writing knows no limits. But I am also very passionate about reading. Sometimes (often times), television shows are simply not enough. Not enough substance, not enough depth, not enriching whatsoever. And where reruns of Sex And The City or Mad Men fail me (it’s rare), a book will forever find success.  Continue reading


A Peacock’s Christmas: My “All I Want For Christmas” Wish List



*Mariah voice* I don’t want a lot for Christmas. There are just some things I need. I kinda care about the presents, underneath the Christmas tree.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, a person that is only concerned with receiving Christmas gifts. I enjoy gifting my family & friends with little touch of dopeness.

And let the record show, I am not a label whore or a price tag checker. The sentiment means far more to me than the name in the clothes or the cost of the item. I have a pair of earrings that I adore that cost $1.00 and a pair of $200 shoes collecting dust in the back of my closet. The best gifts are the ones that show how much you care. Don’t disrespect me with labels. Lavish me with love.

So if you plan on buying for Moi, but have no idea where to begin, here are a few of my favorite things in no particular order:

1. Leather Snapback


I am strung out over beanies and snapbacks. Though I am anti-trends, I have developed a proclivity for hats since cutting my hair last October. Beanies and snapbacks provide a sense of street kid cool I could never quite grasp in high school. I am so smitten over this Accessories Boutique Leather Snapback it’s ridiculous. Must have for year round adventures.

2. The Nike Dunk Sky Highs,pdp,ctr-inline/cid-1/pid-577898/pgid-568113

Probably the priciest thing on my list, I am going mad with desire for these kicks. Like said, I wasn’t very “street chic” in high school. I could never seem to properly coordinate a pair of Pepe Jeans with Air Force 1‘s. These Nike Dunks provide sneaker comfort with a hidden wedge twist. Isabel Marant may have laid the framework for the hidden wedge, but Nike is taking it to new heights. Pun intended.

I’m not picky. Any of these colorways will do.

3. Gemstone Ear Cuff

ASOS Pastel Rainbow Ear Cuff

ASOS Pastel Rainbow Ear Cuff

I was very tempted to get an over the top, heavily embellished peacock feather ear cuff, but realized that I couldn’t wear it as regularly as I want. Plus I am beginning to move out of my feathery phase and into more stones. Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires, Amethyst, etc… are what I would prefer (or at least a cheaper rendering). The ASOS Pastel Rainbow Ear Cuff (shown above) is a bit expensive for my taste, especially because you only get one, but isn’t it beautiful? Asos has loads of others too that are within price range and are drop dead stunners.

ASOS Crystal Scroll Ear Cuff

ASOS Crystal Scroll Ear Cuff

ASOS Double Jewelled Ear Cuffs

ASOS Double Jewelled Ear Cuffs

ASOS Rhinestone Snake Ear Cuff

ASOS Rhinestone Snake Ear Cuff

If I’m going to be honest, I would really prefer a custom made piece. Something that looks as though careful consdieration were placed into it. Etsy has a great variety and are handmade so that no two are the same.


Dangly Ear Cuff

4. Masculine Yet Feminine Gold Watch

Bold Pave' Case Bracelet Watch by VT Luxe

Bold Pave’ Case Bracelet Watch by VT Luxe

I usually wear men’s watches because they are made of better and sturdier material. Plus, they pack an extra POW! in size and gaudiness. Women’s watches always look so dainty and timid like they are afraid to be great. Maybe I am reading too much into this.

I just so happened to trip and fall in love with these watches. Though very different, they are very statement-worthy and fun!!! Curiously enough, they are also both women’s watches. The Bold Pave’ Case Bracelet Watch (above) has such a clean aesthetic and would be great with any outfit. I’ve murdered my big face watch, so this would be a fab upgrade.

Kirks Folly Brilliant Butterfly Light-Up Watch

Kirks Folly Brilliant Butterfly Light-Up Watch

Though a little girly, I am digging the detail on this Kirks Folly Butterfly Watch.


I love Michael Kors, but I am sick to death of seeing MK watches everywhere!!! I know at least 12 people in real life that own modified versions of the same watch. Why must we look like we came off of the same damn factory line? Walking around like a bunch of carbon copies. *tisk tisk*

Moral Of The Story: You know what? I may end up buying these goodies for myself. Because really, the only thing better than getting a gift from someone else is giving to yourself!!! If you don’t get any worthwhile gifts this year, spoil yourself! You only live once, that’s the motta…YOLO!!!

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock

Fly On A Dime: Alexander Wang Sample Sale Starts Today!!!


Starting today, November 6th until Saturday November 10th, Alexander Wang is having a monster of a sample sale!!!! Head Over to the Greene St. location for discounts galore!!! So to all of you label lovers, don’t break the bank for haute couture.

More details below:

Tuesday (11/6) to Thursday (11/8): 8am-8pm

Friday (11/9): 9am-7pm

Sat (11/10): 10am-6pm

 Where: 131 Greene St. (bet. W. Houston & Prince St.)

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock

Fade To Black…

Alyssa Peacock: “Another for the folks”

Burrrr!!! Fall has arrived folks!!! I love all things that accompany Fall. Though I am not a fan of the transition from warmer weather to this Northeast chill, the changing of the leaves, apple cider, & Fashion Week make it worthwhile. It was 80 degrees one week then 50s the following.

My favorite part of Fall? I have an excuse to bust out my favorite wardrobe pieces. Fur, leather, & knits are my style poisons of choice. I am also afforded the opportunity to wear all black everything without the unintended “WTF” face from passersby. Fact: I am known to wear an entire black outfit in the middle of August. Judge me not!!!

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Be Inspired: Gucci Fall/Winter 2012-2013

I am currently putting the final touches on my fall and winter staples. For me, it’s all about buy quality versus quantity. So I will splurge on a few pieces and rework them to keep my outfits fresh, new, and current. I’m not particularly the “follow the trend” sort, but if I happen to like an item that just so happens to be on-trend, I will certainly opt for it. This Gucci ad, though it plays into trend following, has some many uniquely redesigned articles, it’s hard to be mad.

My favorite pieces are definitely the sheer blouses and the black cape. Get the look for less below:

If you have haven’t found your way through the Fall maze, or want to add a little luxury-esque styling to your life, take an inspired cue from Gucci’s Fall Winter 2012 Advertisement and find inexpensive versions of your fav trends at your neighborhood Target, Joyce Leslie, or Bebe.
Moral Of The Story: Don’t break the bank in the name of fashion.
Get a head start on Spring with Gucci’s SS 2013 straight from Fashion Week.
Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock 

First Look: Maison Martin Margiela x H&M

The Pièce de résistance of  designer collaborations, Maison Martin Margiela x H&M, has released their full ad campaign right on the heels of the Anna Dello Russo for H&M debut. I may be sick that day so I can skip work & scope up some goodies *cough* *cough* Stay tuned for the launch November 15th.

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock

Quick Flick: Ann Taylor x St. John x Salt Water Pearls

I am a thrifting addict!!! I love thrift, consignment, and vintage stores. I have gotten some gems!!! We’re talking leopard print fox fur vests, vintage haute couture, & labels of love for days!!!

“Oh, I’m not wearing anything someone else owned.” Ok great!!! More vintage Coco [Chanel] for me.

On my recent excursion, I picked up these three beauts that fit perfectly!!

Living in the Northeast, one would expect Alyssa Peacock to conform to the dark colors for cold weather. But I’m a Peacock baby!!! That so does not fly here!!! [no pun intended] On my quest, I came across this amazing Ann Taylor canary yellow rabbit fur blend sweater for only $4.99.  My St. John slim fit tailored pants were only $6.99, &  vintage pearls came in at a measly $10.00!!! Yea, I’m winning. And so is my bank account.

Having trouble getting into the swing of things? Don’t worry. How-to tips coming soon.

Pardon the photo quality. I don’t have a live-in photographer and my photography skills suck. Can’t be good at everything lol

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