Peacock On The Go: It’s My Birthday!!! (Or At Least It Was)


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Peacock Finds: Fall And Winter 2013 Book Reads- Biographies

Alyssa Manners Fall Winter Reading List

I’m sure by now you’ve read or at least glimpsed at my About Me section, so you have an idea of who I am and my background. I have a joint degree in English and Journalism, so clearly my love for writing knows no limits. But I am also very passionate about reading. Sometimes (often times), television shows are simply not enough. Not enough substance, not enough depth, not enriching whatsoever. And where reruns of Sex And The City or Mad Men fail me (it’s rare), a book will forever find success.  Continue reading

Peacock On The Go: Alejandra G & Amara Shoe Week “A Night In Marrakech” Runway Show


Considering this incredibly annoying cold that has taken over my life and wreaked havoc on Fashion Week, Tuesday night I rose to the occasion for the Alejandra G Shoes and Amara Swim “A Night In Marrakech” runway show at Falucka Lounge courtesy of Shoe Week and Smirnoff Sherbet Light. Continue reading

Peacock On The Go: The 2013 Do-Over At Beekman Beer Garden


It’s been a looooong time since I did a Peacock On The Go, partly because I am so in the moment, I forget to take obligatory, “I was here” photos. Partly because I always leave my child aka my camera at home.

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20k Views!!!!! A Special Thank You From Alyssa And Peacock Under Pressure


This month has marked a monumental moment in time for me. It has been nine months since I started my website, and a lot of things can happen in such a brief moment in time. In a lot of ways, this is my child. Nine months ago I became metaphorically impregnated with the thought for this site. Nine months ago, I got up the courage to start this site. And nine months ago, Peacock Under Pressure was born. So here we are, nine months later, we have reached well over 20,000 views!!!! Seen in over 70 countries worldwide, each and every one of you are about of the village helping to raise my child.

As of this morning, in fact, Peacock Under Pressure has totaled 22,859 views!!!! Truth be told, I am speechless, humbled and above all thankful.

As such, I decided to create a bit of an impromptu video thanking you all over and over again while detailing what’s next for the site!!! I messed up a few times, pardon the grammatical errors, I am bubbling over with gratitude. Cheers to the next nine months, years, decades. Thank you so much again!!!

The Revolution WILL Be Televised!!!

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock

Peacock On The Go: The “Born Sinner” Listening Experience: NYC


Last week, J. Cole had an unprecedented press play event in eight cities across the country (plus Toronto) to premiere his new album, Born Sinner. 

While I have been blasting the new album like I am listening to Hip Hop for the first time, I was unable to attend the event. However, one of my brothers in life, Lamar Carter, was on the scene. Read along his excursion:


-Lamar Carter (@LCarter031)

There was a time, not too long ago, that I truly believed that hip-hop was done for. That it would no longer produce the type of music and artists that I came up with. I came of age with artists like Tupac, Jay-Z, Eminem and Lauryn Hill providing the majority of my life’s soundtrack. Something about them resonated with me and allowed me to connect to their music on a much deeper level than other artists.

I hadn’t felt this way for a very long time, seeing rappers with little talent – ones not worthy of the title “artist” – propped up as the future of hip-hop. I also saw a new generation of fans that were mindlessly following these people and pushing anyone with true skills to the bottom of the pit.

Which made Thursday’s Listening sessions of J. Cole’s sophomore album, Born Sinner, such an amazing experience.

Ever since hearing  his verse on Blueprint 3’s “A Star Is Born,” I’ve been a believer. Cole’s music is passionate, relatable, intelligent – and really damn good. The same can be said about those that support him as staunchly as I do…they truly love quality music and want Cole to continue his ascent to the top.

I typed my coordinates for the NYC listening session and arrived at 47th Street & 7th Avenue, near the West Times Square, around 30 minutes in advance of the 8PM EST start time. I had my Lisnr app downloaded, a full spare Android battery ready to go at 7:50, and about 50-60 DreamVillians to share in my anxious excitement.

By the time 8PM came, no one had gotten the stream. Everyone was checking Twitter to see what was going on. Lisnr and Cole tweeted that the stream would be delayed for a bit because of the central listening party in NYC. Soon 8PM would turn into 8:30PM and still no stream. In fact, the only thing that was streaming was the rain, which all of us were standing in together, keeping each other company and helping pass the time until the music started.

It was probably around 8:40ish when someone was finally able to get the stream on their phone. While we were all huddled up in the rain, there was one couple that was smart enough to be there with their car, so they plugged the phone into their car’s audio plug and turned the volume up to the max.

And there we were for the next hour: soaked, tired, cramped together by someone’s car and vibing out to a transcendent artist and his gift to us and the game as a whole. The only thing that took our focus from the music briefly was Ibrahim (Cole’s manager) popping his head out of a black SUV as he and some of the Dreamville crew  – possibly with Cole himself – rolled passed up.

 “We do this shit for the people and the fans, that’s what really matters… Much Love to all who were there tonight across the world” – Ibrahim (@KingOfQueenz)

All I could think about as I stood next to my fellow Cole fans was the story of Cole standing outside Jay-Z’s studio in 2007, hoping to give his beat CD to Hov and get his opportunity to change the game. Almost six years later, all of us were bearing witness to a 16-track testament to perseverance, dedication and unmistakable talent.

Have you heard the album? What are your thoughts?

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock

To Trend Or Not To Trend? Box Braids & Yarn Wraps


As you know, I am on a quest of hair growth discovery. After wearing my hair chic, sleek and short, I am ready to dive back into long hair, but actually take care of it this time. Au revoir, mon cherie short hair.

I am woman enough to admit that the struggle is real. I want to do something different to it, and the monotony of wearing my hair the same, all day, every day, is killing me!!!! So I have decided that box braids would be a fun but proactive way of treating my needs. I can grow my hair under the safe protection of the style, but I also have a nice change of pace.

Quick history lesson: Box braids and the art of braiding are an African tradition that is said to date back all the way to the dawn of civilization. The first documented artifacts depicting braids trace back to 2630 B.C. This isn’t something new kiddies.

Box braids got their name because, well, they look like a sea on consecutive boxes woven into the hair. I have had box braids one time when I was 13, and though they were pretty, I am not of a patient nature.

12 years later, I may have changed my mind.

I’m torn. On one hand, I would totally be dope girl fresh in box braids, immortalized among the greats, past and present. The style has most recently found its way onto the heads of your favorite celebrities. Note: I threw in some classic pics of the best braid wearers to ever do it for fun:



Beyonce is reaching back to her roots. LOL


Gucci & RocNation Pre-GRAMMY Brunch - Arrivals


Tae Heckard








 On the other, I am the anti-trend. I try to avoid them like the plague, but they have been crawling into my life more frequently than I would prefer. Hidden wedge sneakers? Stiletto nails (though in my defense, I was wearing them long before they were a universal commodity)? Digitally printed sweatshirts and all things created out of leather? Dammit, I love it all.

That’s one thought. The other is this new but not so new style known as Yarn Braids. Crafted out of acrylic yarn, this style is fashioned out of the look of dreadlocks, but faux. Faux locks. Pro: Chic. Con: Very lengthy installment process, very, very trendy. Check out how they look in the video below:

Stay tuned Monday for my final result!!!!

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock

Video Courtesy Of GranolaHeads2010.

Video Courtesy of KnottiKurls.

Weekend Wrapup: Twenty-Five And Fine!!!


This weekend, I hosted one of  many events to come in celebration of my 25th Birthday!!!!! I am celebrating the entire year, so be forewarned. Overflowing wine, delicious food and sentimental chatter set the mood at the exquisite La Campagna Ristorante in Morristown. If you’re ever in Jersey, I insist you visit. They definitely know how to set the right ambiance, and the food is divine.

securedownload (4)

securedownload (10)

Since it is also BYOB, my friends catered to my required red wine needs aplenty.

securedownload (3)

securedownload (1)

And since my boyfriend inevitably became the sole male representative in a sea of estrogen, he was called upon to make my celebratory toast.


And yes, I am keeping the red eyes lol

I decided to “up the ante” and indulge in these delicious Blackberry Mojito and Strawberry Margarita cupcakes from the “boozy cupcakery,” Prohibition Bakery.

securedownload (8)

securedownload (9)

securedownload (7)

securedownload (5)

All of the beautiful though at times 50 Shades of Crazy things my friends said about me meant so much. I am a crier and I am not ashamed. People are afraid of removing their guard and unveiling their vulnerability. That will never be me.


What a great night!!! I would disclose the details of my Super Bowl party, but the debauchery was so unreal, I refuse to put anyone out there. What happens in my apartment, may or may not stay in my apartment. LOL

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock

Weekend Wrapup: Grinding Season x The Gift Of Giving [To Yourself]


Happy Hump Day!!! I hope you all are having a great week thus far. If not, only two days until the weekend.

This Saturday, I had the gracious opportunity to be invited to “Grinding Season,” a networking session held in West Orange, NJ curated by fellow In The Circle castmate, Latoya Fraz. The newly erected  event  introduces musicians, directors, photographers, designers, and, well, bloggers, to one another as a means of growing, learning, & ultimately becoming successful in the entertainment industry.

Q & A was held by New Jersey’s very own DJ Wallah (if you’ve ever run the NJ club circuit, then this name is very familiar.)


Cast of “In The Circle: Dreams of Newark”

Sunday, I indulged in a little retail workout trying to finish getting the last few gifts on my list. But what would shopping be without purchasing a few goodies for myself? One for them, one for me. LOL

securedownload (4)

How badass are these earrings? They drop right at the most pronounced part of my clavicle & with this short hair, OH BABY!!!! I am trouble!!!

Just for fun, I came across this really cute LED Peacock lawn fixture. Too bad I live in an apartment. Motivation…

securedownload (5)

Check out more photos of me and the rest of the cast!!!

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock

Video: Scissor Sisters, “Let’s Have A Kiki”


T.G.I.F.!!!! It’s been a crazy week, but “Let’s Have A Kiki” this weekend!!!

How did I miss this song this summer?! I needed this during my many midnight journeys into the intoxicated underworld!!!

But now that I have it, I’m never letting it go!!! Thank you Scissor Sisters!!!

See you Monday!!!

Be Extraorindary- Alyssa Peacock