Blocked Karma: How The Petty Got Out-Pettied


Between my birthday (Aquarius Stand Up!!!), camera pieces growing legs and walking off and altogether fool’s play, I have been away too long!!!

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Alpha Kappa Alpha & Why Sisterships Matter


Happy New Year Everyone!!!

It has been a bit longer than I anticipated since my last post, but I explain what had happened (lol) in the first vlog of #TheYearOfOurLordJesusChrist2017. That hashtag is also explained for those that just can’t understand.

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25 year olds..


Image Recently I turned 25 years old. Which one might think, “that is no different than any other year”. False, the moment October 13th started, so did my quarter life crisis. It’s half of 50, and honestly I had to take a moment. The following things I have found to be true at this point in my life. Though I am no longer going through a quarter life crisis, there is something sweet about knowing something to be true, even if it is a silly list such as this..

1. I will never wake up an hour early to enjoy my morning. If i have work at 8:00AM I get up in just enough time to make it if I hurry.

2. Mexican food and margaritas with friends never gets old.

3. Cat calls are more like compliments.

4. Shots are something you have grown out of..

5. You start to…

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Paula Patton and Robin Thicke Prestige Magazine October 2013 Cover


It seems the family that gets paid together, stays together.

Despite recent fidelity rumors and a booty grabbing photo we won’t be discussing, the Thicke-Patton unit ooze with first world glamour for the October cover of Prestige Magazine. Continue reading

Sarah Jessica Parker Harper’s Bazaar September 2013 Cover

Sarah Jessica Parker is on the cover of Harper's Bazaar September 2013 issue

I know we’ve been missing a lot of covers, due fully to it being just little oh me manning the ship that is Peacock Under Pressure. I try guys, I try!

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Rumor Has It: Andre 3000 To Release New Album In 2014

Rumor Has It Andre 3000 will premiere new album in 2014

Let the music man rejoice!!!!!!!!!!

According to Stephen Hill, BET exec extraordinaire, his random run-in with OutKast member Andre 3000 Friday backstage at the T.I. and Lil’ Wayne’s “America’s Most Wanted Tour” in Washington D.C. provided a certain amount of awesomeness to tantalize your musical tastebuds. Continue reading

Just A Thought…The All Star Team Project


Another day, another escapade that lines the fabric of my love life. *sigh*

So, my goal this summer was to build what I am calling The “All-Star Team” Project. Before you judge me (#effyourjudgment by the way), allow me to elaborate.

So I know lots of women that disprove of the notion of treating men like they are expendable. “They are humans,” “you could be treating the one like the few” and other declarations of the sort have trickled into my ears so much lately that I am constantly tipping my head to rid myself of flooded ear canals.

Nobody is expendable. Everyone has purpose. Everyone has a life that is meaningful.

HOWEVER, everyone is not to be taken seriously just because they enter your life. Some people are simply fillers in time. That is their main purpose…for you. They satiate a void. And that’s all. And frankly, I like to keep my options open and not give all of my time to one person that may be gone in an instance.

Plus, considering the fact that I am not ready to enter into a new, committed relationship just yet, I need choices and really get to know someone as best I can (do you ever really know someone?) before plunging back into monogamy.  I need time to be single and alone, not lonely. And to be completely transparent, I don’t want to be responsible for someone else’s feelings right now.

So my intent this summer is to build up a brand new little black book, the 2013 edition (I strongly suggest everyone in general clean out their phone books periodically. I am sure there are people you haven’t spoken to in at least a year. Make room for new friends and new adventures). Thus The “All Star Team” Project was born.

In my mind’s eye, the “All Star Team” would consist of a Starting Five and a Bench Five.

Now I know it sounds like a lot. And it is really hard meeting someone almost equally yoked to you. But nothing is impossible, right? Right?

The Starters are gentlemen callers to which provide a great deal of date night activities for me. These are the guys I communicate with daily, are prime prospects in various aspects and to whom I am sincerely attracted. Of all of my ten, these guys are the ones with the strongest potential for the long haul.

Then you have the Bench. These fine fellows I am also attracted to, but understand that nothing can come of it. They are excellent text buddies, ego boosters and “harmless” flirts (shoutout to the N.B.F. of the world. I see you!!!). Yes, all of this sounds shallow. So what? When you first enter “energy transactions” with people, everything is shallow. You are attracted to the way they look. The way they compliment and complement you. It’s shallow so let’s not play coy, okay?

And this isn’t to say that Starters can’t become Benchers (not a word at all but for all intents and purposes, can we pretend it is? Thanks.) and Benchers can’t upgrade to Starters. Hell some of them can become lifelong friends. But ,the goal at this point is to meet new people and if so possible, a new mate.

But as of last night, I am back to square one with ZERO on my roster. Not because I have no game, but because I have no love for foolishness. Not interested in your faux pas religious and sociopolitical outlook that you are convinced is the end all that is all. Not fond of men that show minor interest. Sir, don’t waste my time!!!

 So back to the drawing board I go. Oh yea, joined another online dating site for a month. Please pray for me. The struggle is so real. Stay tuned for that.

So what do you think of the “All Star Team” Project? Ambitious or Foolish? Tell me what you think in the comments section below.

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock