Christian Louboutin Debuts Beauté Nail Color Collection


I hope you didn’t think because we’re taking a break during the revamp that we aren’t still the go-to place for all your sartorial needs. The upgrade is coming folks. I hope you’re prepared.


In the interim, Christian Louboutin has released the first images of his inceptive beauty collection with six signature nail lacquers available August 2014. The first color, his signature ‘Rouge Louboutin’, will be released August 8, followed by its successors August 30.


The crimson hue will come packaged in a faux patent-leather box in a bottle inspired by Louboutin’s “Lynch Ballerina” 8 inch tall shoe design, the highest heel ever created by the shoe couturier.


The retail price starts at $50. Will you be shelling out the currency for the color?

Skip the line, and pre-order you ‘Rogue Louboutin’ on today.

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock


First Look: Beyonce By Herring & Herring


Beyonce, The Wig Snatching Too Many Coins For The Collection Plate Warrior Princess Of The Knowles-Carter Regime. Yup, sounds about right.  Continue reading

Jay Z Vanity Fair November 2013 Cover

Jay Z covers Vanity Fair November 2013 issue

When it comes to business, the lessons of your past lesser thans will forever be prevalent in the excellence of your present greater thans. As is the sentiment expressed by Shawn “Jay Z” Carter as he discusses being a drug dealer in his former life for Vanity Fair’s November 2013 Cover. Continue reading

Idris Elba GQ October 2013 Cover

Idris Elba Cover Of GQ October 2013

Pardon me. I suddenly feel parched. Sigh, The thirst Jesus, the thirst.

The powerhouse-DJ-turned-actor-still-DJ that is Idris Elba. Oh my. Couldn’t even complete the thought. Yes that man, covers GQ’s October 2013 issue in all of divinely created glory.

Expertly outfitted in three piece suits I swear were made with him in mind, photographer Sebastian Kim gathers the quintessential essence of what we love about the Mandela star: charisma, sexy appeal, power.

Idris Elba Cover Of GQ October 2013

It’s hard to imagine that Idris is a wallflower but any stretch of the imagination, but according to his interview with Zach Baron, the actor has mastered the art of the “invisible factor”:

As a kid, Elba says, “I sort of blended into the background quite a bit. I wasn’t the guy that was a big personality. I was the tall, silent, quiet type.” Even now—I can attest to this—he gets lost in crowds. Walk into a room with him and watch him disappear. “I call it the invisible factor,” he says. “On any ordinary street, walking down in London Soho in a cap, I’m just a f**king tall black man walking along.”

On skipping back and forth across the pond to make ends meet, being a drug dealing club bouncer and the untimely end of his marriage:

Elba spent his twenties going back and forth between New York and London, looking for work. In New York he would stay in Brooklyn, where he’d work on his American accent at a Fort Greene barbershop called Ace of Spades. He had an on-and-off relationship with a woman who lived in London, and when he was 26, they decided to get married. “I liked the idea of being married,” Elba says. “I was focused in on what I was trying to do in my life. And my girl supported me.”

But whatever roles there were in America, Elba wasn’t finding them. He DJ’d at New York dives to help make rent, worked for a while as a bouncer at Carolines, a comedy club. He and his wife moved around a bunch. “I had to keep going back and forth to New York, to London, to try and make a bit of money real quick.” Back in the States, Elba’s wife “didn’t adjust to the culture as quickly as I did.” And he was gone a lot. “We just had a hard time. The next thing you know, we broke up.”

The timing was bad; she was pregnant. Elba began sleeping in his Astro van. “The apartment we had lived in together was in Jersey City. So when I left, I was sofa-hopping here and there and got to a place where I was parking it in Jersey somewhere and just camping down for the night.”

“Yeah, it was, because I was running with cats. I mean, I was DJ’ing, but I was also pushing bags of weed; I was doing my work. I had to. I know that sounds corny, but this is the truth.” He says he’d sell drugs at Carolines, and meanwhile all these successful guys would come through: D. L. Hughley, Dave Chappelle. “All those black comedians, they knew me as a doorman.”


Learning he was not the father of his son:

“To be given that and then have it taken away so harshly,” he says, “was like taking a full-on punch in the face: POW.” 

And then there was the fact that he’d mentioned the kid in public, the knowledge, even then, that at some point he’d be sitting in a room like this one, being asked about the worst, most humiliating thing that ever happened to him. “You know, the truth is—like, even admitting it, I’ll probably get laughed at for the rest of my life. But it is just tragic, and it happened.” He looks directly at me when he says this. “But I wasn’t knocked out. I stood right the fuck back up, and I ain’t aiming to take another punch in the face ever again. Do you understand what I’m saying? It happened to me. I moved on.”

Read his entire interview with GQ here, and catch the photo shoot in its entirety below:

Just because, here’s the behind the scenes video:

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock


Paula Patton and Robin Thicke Prestige Magazine October 2013 Cover


It seems the family that gets paid together, stays together.

Despite recent fidelity rumors and a booty grabbing photo we won’t be discussing, the Thicke-Patton unit ooze with first world glamour for the October cover of Prestige Magazine. Continue reading

Kerry Washington Glamour October 2013 Cover

Kerry Washington Glamour October 2013 Cover

We are a month away from the Season 3 arrival of Scandal, and I simply cannot retain my excitement. To satiate our hunger, Glamour has tapped the Emmy-nominated “It” gal that is Kerry Washington to slay front and center for their October 2013 issue. Continue reading

Jennifer Lawrence Vogue September 2013 Cover


As the band plays on, we are getting more and more glimpses into the most talked about time for fashion and sartorial magazines. This is known as the September issue. The style Bibles are rolling out first with SJP’s Bazaar cover, now Jennifer Lawrence’s Vogue September 2013 issue.  Continue reading

Sarah Jessica Parker Harper’s Bazaar September 2013 Cover

Sarah Jessica Parker is on the cover of Harper's Bazaar September 2013 issue

I know we’ve been missing a lot of covers, due fully to it being just little oh me manning the ship that is Peacock Under Pressure. I try guys, I try!

But I could not, COULD NOT, step away from the magnitude of Harper’s Bazaar Fall Fashion September issue starring my BFF in my mind, Sarah Jessica Parker. The clothes, Jesus, the clothes!!! The clothes, the clothes, the clothes!!! Phew. Okay I’m done. Continue reading

REPOST: Pat Cleveland, Jerry Hall And Marisa Berenson Faces Of M-A-C’s Antonio Lopez Limited Edition Collection



Supermodels Pat Cleveland, Jerry Hall And Marisa Berenson are the star faces of M-A-C Cosmetics Limited Edition Collection tribute to fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez. “Antonio’s Girls,” as they were called during their reign as muses for Lopez in the covers of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle, the ladies summoned their super powers in a gorgeous shoot dazzling with Antonio sentiment. Read the repost below: Continue reading