Why Rationalizing Beyonce’s Sexuality Is Setting Us Back 50 Years


It’s been almost two months since the release of Beyonce’s self-titled fifth studio album, and it is still in heavy rotation in my New Jersey abode. Each song connects to my ego, superego and id on another emotional plane unlike any of her previous artistic endeavors (and I’m a Beyonce fan to the death of me). Continue reading


Wait A Minute!!!!! Beyonce Drops Self-Titled Debut Album On Friday The 13th!!!!


6:00am Friday, December 13, 2013

Brittany: Hallelujah, she dropped her album

Amber: Beyonce has a new album

Some of the 10+ text messages I received as I regained consciousness this morning. The most beautiful poetry I’ve ever seen.

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New Video: Beyonce’s “Grown Woman” Leaked!! See The First Cut!!!

Beyonce's Grown Woman Woman Leaked

Just when you (ok I) was ready to give up on Bey Bey, “somebody” randomly leaks a raw cut of the video “Grown Woman” as a gift to her faithful and devoted fans.

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Jay Z Vanity Fair November 2013 Cover

Jay Z covers Vanity Fair November 2013 issue

When it comes to business, the lessons of your past lesser thans will forever be prevalent in the excellence of your present greater thans. As is the sentiment expressed by Shawn “Jay Z” Carter as he discusses being a drug dealer in his former life for Vanity Fair’s November 2013 Cover. Continue reading

New Video: Tondrick Hall, “Cinderonce”

Todrick Hall presents Cinderonce

You know, I love fashion and entertainment news as much as the next gal hence the concentration of such on this blog, but that is not the main focus of this site (or shouldn’t be).

As of late, it seems I have lost focus of that. I want to give you the deets on how to take something high end, something couture, and make it accessible. Custom designing your life versus copy and pasting and trying to fit the cookie cut outline. Continue reading

New Video: Kid President Interviews Beyonce

Kid President Interviews Beyonce

This kid man. You’ve just got to love him.

If you haven’t’ heard of Robby Novak aka Kid President, I highly suggest you take a moment and Google him. The 10 year old (that’s right, 10!) YouTube sensation turned motivational speaker has been melting hearts across the globe. Continue reading

Peacock Or Not? Beyonce Serves Pixie Cut Realness On Instagram Plus Jay Z Reunites With Damon Dash


While some of us were agonizing over what’s next for our hair while we removed our crown of braided plaits, a certain superstar decided to opt for shorter tresses in the name of being a “Grown Woman.” Continue reading

New Video: Jay Z, “Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film” And Discusses Socio-Political Issues On Bill Maher

Jay Z premieres Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film on HBO

I can only imagine the energy in the room as Jay Z returned hip hop to its essence in the video production of “Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film”, which debuted last Friday on HBO. Continue reading