Peacock On The Go: It’s My Birthday!!! (Or At Least It Was)


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Chaka Khan 3.23.2013 Billboard Magazine Cover


Chaka!!!!! Chaka Khan will be turning 60 March 23 and simultaneously celebrating her 40 year career in the music industry.

To help her commemorate this monumental event, Chaka serves with her signature endless sea of cascading red hair and a glorious smile to boot.

Chaka’s 40th anniversary will include the release of her new jazz project, “The iKhan Project: Jazz.”

“I want to experience the magic I felt 40 years ago when I recorded my first record… The thrill of recording with all the musicians in one room, the interaction with the producer and the spontaneous moments of the experience.”

I live for Chaka. She was a diva before there a word for it. *plays Chaka Khan playlist on Spotify*

Let’s enjoy Ms. Chaka Khan together on this gloomy Tuesday!!!

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock

Weekend Wrapup: Twenty-Five And Fine!!!


This weekend, I hosted one of  many events to come in celebration of my 25th Birthday!!!!! I am celebrating the entire year, so be forewarned. Overflowing wine, delicious food and sentimental chatter set the mood at the exquisite La Campagna Ristorante in Morristown. If you’re ever in Jersey, I insist you visit. They definitely know how to set the right ambiance, and the food is divine.

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Since it is also BYOB, my friends catered to my required red wine needs aplenty.

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And since my boyfriend inevitably became the sole male representative in a sea of estrogen, he was called upon to make my celebratory toast.


And yes, I am keeping the red eyes lol

I decided to “up the ante” and indulge in these delicious Blackberry Mojito and Strawberry Margarita cupcakes from the “boozy cupcakery,” Prohibition Bakery.

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All of the beautiful though at times 50 Shades of Crazy things my friends said about me meant so much. I am a crier and I am not ashamed. People are afraid of removing their guard and unveiling their vulnerability. That will never be me.


What a great night!!! I would disclose the details of my Super Bowl party, but the debauchery was so unreal, I refuse to put anyone out there. What happens in my apartment, may or may not stay in my apartment. LOL

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock

Wake The Neighbors!!! It’s My Birthday And I’m Blowing The Speakers Out!!!



*clear throat* IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!


I could not get through my day without getting my Sophisti-ratchet on!!! Here are just a few jams I can guarantee will piss my neighbors off!!! But I don’t care!!!! IT’S MY BIRRRTHHHHDAAAAAYYY AND I’LL DO WHAT I WANT!!!

Rihanna Feat. Chris Brown, “Birthday Cake Remix”

LMFAO, “Shots”

Trina, “Long Heels, Red Bottoms”

Don Omar, “Danza Kuduro”

Beyonce, “Freakum Dress”

French Montana Feat. Drake, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, “Pop That”

Chris Brown Feat. Sabrina Antionette

Elephant Man, “Dancehall Madness”

Beyonce, “Party”

Rihanna, “Pour It Up”

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock