Christian Louboutin Debuts Beauté Nail Color Collection

I hope you didn’t think because we’re taking a break during the revamp that we aren’t still the go-to place for all your sartorial needs. The upgrade is coming folks. I hope you’re prepared. In the interim, Christian Louboutin has released the first images of his inceptive beauty collection with six signature nail lacquers available August 2014. The first color, his signature ‘Rouge Louboutin’, will be … Continue reading Christian Louboutin Debuts Beauté Nail Color Collection

Christian Louboutin Nude Capsule Collection

Christian Louboutin Reveals Color-Match Heels


Shut my mouth and call me crazy, but the amazingness, the dopecity, the above all others that is Christian Louboutin has dedicated his latest capsule collection to the name of equality… sorta. Continue reading “Christian Louboutin Reveals Color-Match Heels”

Vogue Premieres Online Fashion Week

  Today marks the beginning of the second annual Vogue Online Fashion Week. Starting today, Dec. 3rd, until Friday, Dec. 7th, Vogue UK will provide you with all of your holiday needs. From daily deals to beauty tips and free gifts, Vogue has you covered. “The event will offer Vogue’s curated guide of what to buy this festive season, featuring the fashion world’s leading labels … Continue reading Vogue Premieres Online Fashion Week