Peacock On The Go: It’s My Birthday!!! (Or At Least It Was)


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First Look: Peter Pilotto For Target



And no it isn’t the above, which is from the London brand’s Fall 2013 collection. Get the scoop on the Target line after the jump. Continue reading

Confirmed!!! Peter Pilotto To Create Target Collection!!!

Peter Pilotto to design collection for Target

A mere 24 hours after the unleashing of their high end meets real world collection that is Phillip Lim for Target, Target officially announced via Instagram their next haute couture-inspired collection with…Peter Pilotto!!! Shut my mouth, and call me Sally!!! Should be illegal for me to be this excited. Continue reading

Phillip Lim To Create Collection With Target


If one good thing came out of the recession, it’s the burgeoning number of high end designers coproducing with mass market retailers with Target as one of the reigning Kings of these unions.

Phillip Lim is the latest to join in matrimony with the Bullseye brand. “3.1 Phillip Lim for Target” will consist of over 100 products for Fall 2013 featuring men’s and women’s footwear, apparel and accessories.

“One of the reasons I wanted to collaborate with Target is because I felt that together we could create a collection that would inspire — one that is cool and chic, but still very accessible,”

said Lim on choosing to blend his eye for fashion with the real world prices of Target.

And with prices between $20 and $300, I am sure these affordable luxuries will fly off of the shelves as fast another designer of a “P” name.

3.1 Phillip Lim for Target will be purchase ready Sept. 15. Keep your eyes right here for more.

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Double Feature: Style Pointers, “The Hit List” & “Jewel Tones Jewelry Trends”


Am I the only one who searches the World Wide Web for new and interesting finds? I love learning about current events in fashion and culture, and simply cannot get enough. Here are a few of Princess Warren’s “Hit List” with great people, places and things happening right now. Some you may know (*coughs* Peacock Under Pressure *coughs*) while others you may not.


Get in touch with your femininity this Spring with all of the luscious Gemstone colored Jewelry Trends!!! Cut those lengthy chandelier earrings in half with bright colored accessories for one and all!!! Princess is dropping knowledge on what’s in, what’s out and what’s coming back.

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New Video: Style Pointers, “Valentine’s Day Special”


Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day!!! Are you doing something special for the “special” someone? Single this Feb. 14th? Plan on spending time with girlfriends or guy pals? Whatever your status is this V-Day, why not do something personal and intimate? Gather up your guests and have a beautiful dinner filled with love (and expected spirits LOL)

S. Princess Warren is back to drop some knowledge on how-to create the perfect Valentine’s Day ambiance. From the menu to the decor, Princess has got you covered.

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock

New Video: Style Pointers, “What’s IN! Bangs and Bags”


Get your bang and bags on ladies as S Princess Warren gives you some quick tips on what hair hot and the “in” bags that rock.

From FLOTUS Michelle Obama to actress Zooey Deschanel, bangs can do wonders for your style, if you know which cut flatters your face.

Invest in those classic structured bags ladies!!! If you can’t afford Chanel, trust me, EVERYONE makes an inspired version that won’t break the bank.

Get caught up in the latest episode of “Style Pointers.”

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Video: Style Pointers, “Leggings: Stop the NONSENSE”



Hey family!!!! I’m back. I had a wonderful whirlwind adventure this weekend taking in all D.C. had to offer for Inauguration!!! Though I was unable to capture Peacock quality photos of the madness, I can wrap it up by simply saying bottomless Mimosas, motion sickness intensified by food poisoning, Hookah, seeing Barack Obama sworn in for a second term, pulling a “It Happened One Night” move to catch a cab and a Biz Markie- DJ’d West Wing Inaugural Ball.  And though I was without internet access during this time, and forced to neglect you, I must say overall, it was a great four days.

To announce my return, here is the newest installment to Season 3 of “Style Pointers.” In this episode, Princess divulges her opinion on the untold rules of wearing leggings as pants.

ed. note. I am a woman with a really round, full booty. I love my butt. My grandmother says I came out of the womb with a butt, and I am compelled to agree. When I was a little girl, I hated wearing jeans because they were uncomfortable on my booty toot. God Bless my mother because I had every single color pair of “Stretchy Pants” (what I affectionately called them) and still have a love for them to this moment.

With that said, I do not fully agree with the tips of my opinionated friend. Personally, leggings were made with booty in mind. I am not ashamed of my booty, and wear it proudly like a badge of honor. So to put it plainly, yes, I am one of those women that wear short crop tops, sweaters, jackets, etc… with my leggings. I have a far larger gripe with the transparency of some leggings versus covering your butt in them. Take a moment and thoroughly examine your leggings. If you can see through them, then you really should have on a longer top to avoid being able to see your undergarments. Or you can do like me and double up. Doubling up leggings is a great idea if you have a little cellulite (if you have a little junk in the trunk, chances are you have or had). NO BIG DEAL!!! Double up your leggings to provide more coverage (no see-through situations), support your lower body (acts like Body Armour/Spanx), and you still look great because your body looks smooth.  And ladies please be advised: leggings and tights are not the synonymous. Tights are a thicker or textured version of panythose and not to be worn alone. Leggings are specifically designed to be worn as pants.

Thoughts on leggings?

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First Look: Prabal Gurung For Target


It speaks volumes about a designer when they are able to translate their eye for high design into mass market creations. Where chiffon, lace, & silk were at their disposal, they are forced to utilize lesser quality fabrics for execution. While some fail to attend, others rise to the occasion. Prabal Gurung stepped up and served.

Just in time for my 25th birthday (February 2nd, Aquarian Season!!!) and Valentine’s Day, this entire series has me saying to hell with taking a financial break, Mama needs some stuff!!!

“It was an exciting challenge to interpret my aesthetic into a mass-produced product, but the collection is true to my signature style,”

Said the designer of the collection available at Target February 10th. The inspiration is a “girl’s journey through the different stages of love” as expressed in the Meet The Parents & First Date prints.

Even the damn inspiration has forged an impossible smile of giddiness across this writer’s face. Think my friend, The Cheshire Cat.

Gurung has successful created a line that resonates with his gift for juxtaposing femininity with edginess as the pieces emanate with bold floral prints, flirty silhouettes, full skirts, fun shorts, mesh paneling details, and sexy yet sporty heels for days.

 “I like my collections to have femininity, with just a little bit of bite.” 

The pieces that I must snatch up include this First Date Printed Sweatshirt ($29.99) and Wedge Sandals ($29.99).



Also in view are the First Date Sleeveless Blouse ($26,99)  and Floral Crush print dress with full skirt ($49.99).



Top of the list are most definitely The Pintuck Dress ($49.99) and the Ankle-Strap Pumps ($39.99).



These offers are too good to pass up.  The price range is from $19.99 – $199.99 and will be available until March 23rd or while supplies last. Visit your local Target stores or online!!!

What will you be snatching up from the Prabal Gurung for Target collaboration? Catch his exclusive interview with The Cut and see the entire collection below.

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Photos Courtesy of Elle