The 10-10-10 Challenge: Expectation Vs. Reality


December 31, 2017: Murphy’s Law.

January 1, 2018: Whatever Will Be, Will Be.

That was how my year began. Nothing would bend to my will.

I love all things New Year’s Eve. Standing on an almost tangible edge into the future, the feeling of freshness and newness excites me. It encourages me. It allows me to move into a literal and figurative new dimension. Amore.

But this year? This year though? Pfft. Let’s recap, shall we? It’s my blog so yes we shall.

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Fly On The Wall: Guest Writer: “Tips Of The Relationship Trade”

I have never claimed to be a know-it-all when it comes to relationships because I don’t. Fact is, I am struggling to figure out the whole  male/female dynamic myself. But I have been a woman my entire life, and I know exactly what goes in the female psyche, and I can help those in need, I will. I have enlisted the help of one of … Continue reading Fly On The Wall: Guest Writer: “Tips Of The Relationship Trade”

Weekend Wrapup: Made In Manhattan

Guys!!! I am so sorry for the technical difficulties this week. I have so many goodies coming to you, just be patient with me. I am painfully aware that the aforementioned “Weekend Wrapup” is coming on the eve of yet another weekend, but maybe it will inspire you to add some color to your weekend. Last Friday (10/12), some of my favorite gal pals and … Continue reading Weekend Wrapup: Made In Manhattan

New Music: “Diamonds”- Rihanna

I am big on Rihanna‘s music. She’s fun, young, and a little piece of dopeness. This is the first single off of her new album, “Unapologetic” slated to hit stores November 19th!!! This blog is meant to make you feel beautiful, strong, and empowered. So how appropriate that my fellow Febbie (February 2nd all day!!!!) baby put out this song!!! Yes, I am aware it … Continue reading New Music: “Diamonds”- Rihanna