Christian Louboutin Debuts Beauté Nail Color Collection


I hope you didn’t think because we’re taking a break during the revamp that we aren’t still the go-to place for all your sartorial needs. The upgrade is coming folks. I hope you’re prepared.


In the interim, Christian Louboutin has released the first images of his inceptive beauty collection with six signature nail lacquers available August 2014. The first color, his signature ‘Rouge Louboutin’, will be released August 8, followed by its successors August 30.


The crimson hue will come packaged in a faux patent-leather box in a bottle inspired by Louboutin’s “Lynch Ballerina” 8 inch tall shoe design, the highest heel ever created by the shoe couturier.


The retail price starts at $50. Will you be shelling out the currency for the color?

Skip the line, and pre-order you ‘Rogue Louboutin’ on today.

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock


Marchesa Teams Up With Revlon For Makeup And Nail Art Line



Marchesa: Coming to a drugstore counter near you. Are you ready for Peacock Under Pressure-inspired incentives? (We would like to think we were thought about, so let it live. Thanks lol)

Contributing to the P.U.P movement this go ’round is Marchesa as they partner with Revlon for a line of beauty products that will certainly tickle your fancies.

“Revlon by Marchesa” is a three collection series featuring nail polish, nail wraps, lip & eye products and beauty tools.

The first grouping includes eight different 3D Jewel Appliqués nail wrap designs including the one seen above to be stocked upon Stateside shelves this October. No further details have been released thus far for the latter two offerings, but at least one will be dedicated to charity initiatives.

This is not the first time the duo have teamed together, as Gucci Westman, Revlon’s Global Art Director, provided the runway makeup for Marchesa’s Fall 2013 Fashion Show in February as well as Bridal Show in April.

 “While we can’t reveal all the details of our multi-collection partnership with Revlon just yet, each collection will truly embody our brand’s feminine and dramatic spirit,”

said Keren Craig,  co-founder of Marchesa.

“Fashion and beauty are about self-expression and experimentation and taking a creative approach to your personal style.”

By the looks of things, this is going to be a glorious collaborative effort!!!

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock