Peacock On The Go: It’s My Birthday!!! (Or At Least It Was)


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First Look: Vanessa Paradis Named Face Of H&M Conscious Collection (Full Shoot)


Didn’t get enough of the Conscious Exclusive collection yesterday? French singer, model and actress Vanessa Paradis lends her beauty as the face of the H&M Conscious Collection, the umbrella lookbook that encapsulates the Conscious Exclusive. The 40 year-old (yes 40!!!) looks cool and casual in a whimsical, Alice In Wonderland had a kid with Jumanji-like setting, showcasing more offerings from the Swedish brand.

If you’re curious about the “Conscious” name, it’s an initiative by Hennes & Mauritz to make more environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable products.

“At H&M, we like to think of sustainability as a word of action, something we do rather than something we simply say.”

Read more about H&M’s Conscious Collection and Sustainable Fashion here.

View the collection, in its entirety, below:

 This is one of those rare times when impulsive shopping is actually a good thing. LOL

Get your hands on some of the pieces online or in select stores now!!!

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock

Photos Courtesy Of Vogue UK

Party Hard In H&M’s New Conscious Exclusive Collection

Tulle dress

Rooftop party? Charity gala? Night out with the gals? H&M has you covered for it all in its Conscious Exclusive collection.

The haute couture-partywear-at-real-world-prices range is pulsating with carefully constructed pieces for the Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte in us all. The work is an extension of the retailer’s Conscious Collection full to capacity with evening wears for him and her. Am I the only one that gets a Heath Ledger “A Knight’s Tale” vibe from some of these looks?

“I love how this collection has pure glamour and style and is made from more sustainable materials,” said Ann-Sofie Johansson, H&M’s Head of Design. “For us at H&M, it’s natural to think about sustainability and to have it at the heart of our work.”

I am definitely checking for the pale seafoam corset tulle dress,

Tulle dress

the pink embellished dress,

Pink Embellished Dress

the cream menswear-inspired cream three piece suit (pieces sold separately)

Cream blazertrousers

and let’s not forget the fiercely executed, avant garde shaped jumpsuit that have officially set my soul on fire.

Black jumpsuit

Can the church say, “Amen”?

The collection will available April 4 in 140 H&M stores worldwide and online for those of you lucky dogs that are UK residents.

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock


Weekend Wrapup: Peacock X Play X Party


Where did the weekend go? Better yet, where did the year go?

We are in the finally stretch before we say au revoir to 2012!!! This was such a fantastic year. How was it for you?

Are you following me on Instagram? I’m telling you, if you miss a day, you miss a lot!!!

Anyhoot, Friday I attended opening night for Rutgers University’s first ever performance of Lorraine Hansberry’s “A Raisin In The Sun.”

securedownload (2)

My very dear Aquarian brother, Landon, starred as Walter Lee Younger, the role made famous by Sidney Poitier in the film adaptation. I couldn’t be prouder if I tried.

Saturday was all about trying to avoid shopping. I failed. But in my failure, I picked up some true treasure.

Look what I found!!!

Look what I found!!!

How cute is this Cynthia Rowley Fedora with peacock accoutrement? (word of the week) Caught it for a steal at TJ Maxx.

Sidenote: One of the many perks to no longer having long hair? I can now wear hats!!! Pound of hair + a big head= Fashionable recipe for disaster.

After my shopping faux pas, my friend Juanita invited to a birthday party. I pulled out this 1970s vintage blazer I have been dying to throw on (wore it once with a gown but didn’t do it adequate justice). I paired it with a pair of sequin shorts I purchased from Forever 21 last year (first time wearing them) and my favorite halter top, black hosiery, & booties, and away we go!!!


If you know me in real life, you know I laugh and smile A LOT. Don’t take yourself so seriously. Life is to be enjoyed.

Apparently I laughed my way right out of my pantyhose. Overall, it was a good night.

RIP. You served well.

RIP. You served well.

Moral Of The Story: How did your weekend turn out? If it was great, Great!! But if it wasn’t, remember: there’s always next weekend!!!

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock