“Girls” Land Nail Polish Collection

See those smiling faces? That’s the cast of “Girls” laughing their assess right to the bank!!!! With the Season 2 premiere of the HBO series airing January 13th, Lena Dunham and the crew have collaborated on a nail polish collection with Deborah Lippmann. According to Lippmann’s website, the line will consists of four colors that reflect the personalities of the show’s characters. If you’re privy to … Continue reading “Girls” Land Nail Polish Collection

Peacock Thoughts: “In The Circle: Dreams Of Newark Episode One,” “Shallow Sensibility”

It has begun!!! Season 2 of “In The Circle: Dreams of Newark” is underway and I could not be more excited. I, admittedly, hate seeing and hearing myself on camera. We’re all our own worst critics. Grrrrr. It is what it is, right? It was interesting meeting my castmates for the first time. It kinda felt like when you’re the new kid to a new school in … Continue reading Peacock Thoughts: “In The Circle: Dreams Of Newark Episode One,” “Shallow Sensibility”

Video: Girls Season 2: Trailer #1

Hannah and the crew are back!!! HBO has released the first trailer to Season 2 of the Emmy-award winning series, “Girls.” My how things appear to have changed!!! I’m loving that Hannah’s ex-boyfriend, Elijah Krantz, is played by Andrew Rannells who also plays in  The New Normal, another TV goodie. Best quote: “I may be deflowered, but I am not devalued.” Here’s Trailer #1!!! Girls Season 2 … Continue reading Video: Girls Season 2: Trailer #1

Season 2 of “Girls” To Add Characters Of Color

I love, love, love HBO’s show, Girls.

I watched every episode while the season was on air, and rewatched it countless times on OnDemand. It’s a funny, goofy, and honest depiction of post-college, 20-somethings stuck in limbo between childhood dreams and adulthood reality. I’m convinced this show was written directly from my life.

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