The 10-10-10 Challenge: Expectation Vs. Reality


December 31, 2017: Murphy’s Law.

January 1, 2018: Whatever Will Be, Will Be.

That was how my year began. Nothing would bend to my will.

I love all things New Year’s Eve. Standing on an almost tangible edge into the future, the feeling of freshness and newness excites me. It encourages me. It allows me to move into a literal and figurative new dimension. Amore.

But this year? This year though? Pfft. Let’s recap, shall we? It’s my blog so yes we shall.

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#FactsOnly: Method Behind The Madness At Peacock Under Pressure

I know from time to time (to time) it appears I’ve gone MIA with nothing more than Morning Motivation and Word Of The Day posts. Fact is, there aren’t enough hours in the day to create all of the things I want, not enough hands to help and not enough positive, entertainment stories to develop in the interim. What I hope you all learn about … Continue reading #FactsOnly: Method Behind The Madness At Peacock Under Pressure