Drop Everything. This Is Happening. Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Finally Make The Cover Of Vogue!!!!


After months and years of pleading with Anna Wintour to have a certain reality star feature as a cover model by said star’s beau/baby daddy/husband-to-be, Kim and Kanye have finally landed the cover of Vogue. Continue reading


Target Launches Bridal Gown Collection


Wedding season has reared its ugly head is upon us, and brides are finishing those last minute touches before they stroll down the aisle on their big day.

While many a bride dreams of looking like a life size cupcake finding the perfect dress to say their “I Do’s,” reality snaps these garter wearers back to life when the price tag exposes several numerical places, frequently including a comma.

But alas, Target has premiered the Tevolio bridal collection, an all in one haven for the “no-fuss (and affordable) approach to their big day.”





The amassment includes 4 bridal gowns and 10 bridesmaid dresses from sizes 2 to 28. And for your flower girl, Target has even supplied 2 dresses for the little lady in mind.

Target provides their customers with an extensive fabric glossary with every available color and texture available.


Stumped on jewelry choices? Target has you covered as well. Purchase your jewelry, shoes, “foundation undergarments,” stationary and even setup your registry, all right at the click of a button.

Prices start at $24.99 with a peak of $129.99.

Take a look at the entire Tevolio collection and place your orders at Target.com.


Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock


IG Weekend Wrapup: Weddings x Go Karts x Christmas

Midday Vamp

Yes, I “mean mug” a lot. I don’t understand why I do it, but it happens. Moving on…

I hope your weekend was as fabulous as mine!!! Have you ever had one of those crazy hectic weekends that leaves no time to sleep like you hoped? That’s basically every weekend for me, and this one was no exception.

If you follow me on Instagram (which you should be by now), you can only imagine the amount of things that transpired.

One of my dear friends, Cecily, tied the knot Saturday at the beautiful Riverside Park in Red Bank, and I was honored to be her maid of honor. Though the temperature in Jersey is below burrrr, it was a clear and crisp day, perfect for the exchanging of vows. I will disclose more specifics when the photographer sends me the photos, so for now, please see above for a visual reference.

After the wedding, it was off to the races…Sorta.

A group of my friends and I decided to ditch the dainty and throw on our bad girl for a night of Go Karting.

(Left to Right) Bodacious “Bunny” Brittany, Kissin’ Kimmy, (me!!!) A+ Alyssa, AcQUAINTance Quinn, & Words of Wisdom Juanita. Terry’s behind the camera.

For whatever reason, chambray hates me. It doesn’t matter how much I iron it, fold it, or hang it, it’s hell bent on wrinkling. Oh well. Outfit wise, I opted for these really cool two tone skinnies that I bought from Forever 21. They remind me of Rag & Bone jeans, but in my size & within my budget.

Just another day at the track

I partnered my asinine shirt and jean combo with a pair of black leather and suede riding boots.

Had to get serious!!! There was a Time Crisis!!!

Topped it off with a black Pashmina scarf and beanie and away we go!!! A lot of people were feeling my lip game, so I’ll spill the tea. My lipstick of choice is “Hestia” by NYX Cosmetics. It’s a deep, red wine color that is silky smooth on your lips. With the temperature dropping, I am excited to try deeper shades of red and plum. Stay tuned for a product review coming soon.

What would the night be without drinks with the girls?

(left to right): Me & B.B.

After I was brutally beaten on the track, I deserved a strong drink. I won’t disclose the topics of conversation because a lady never tells.

She’s always laughing at me. Is it the way I look?

Let’s just say that things went awry in 2.5!!! Gotta love your homies!!!

Kisses for my Kimmy!!!

Sunday was recoup day. But before I could have nap time, I had to get my Christmas tree in order.

An EXPLOSION of Peacock

Since this is the first Christmas that I’m living by myself, I decided to get the hottest ornaments and tree I could find.

Pardon the blurriness, I was so excited!!! A Black Christmas tree!!!

The only thing hotter than a Black Charlie Brown Christmas tree…

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree…

Is one dripping with Peacocks!!!!

I had far too much fun decorating my tree. Do you feel Christmas bliss like me or am I just high off the Glade Christmas plug-ins?

Moral Of The Story: Life may get hard & overwhelming, but try & find the simple pleasures in life, even if it means goofing off with friends or decorating a tree.

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock